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The industry leader in member engagement and route setting management since 2014

Climbing Leagues & Competitions

Effortlessly Run & Manage

Route Setting Management

Effortlessly manage to ‘in less than 10 minutes a day

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Build Community

Partner finder, awards & gym leaderboards

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Partner finder, awards & gym leaderboards to ‘receive feedback from your members

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The fastest growing community of gym climbers

Climbers use MyClimb to improve their climbing, find people to climb with, and join a community.

Gyms use MyClimb to run leagues and competitions, manage route setting, and build a community around/for their gym.


Climbs Logged in 100+ countries


Gyms that have a climb logged


Outdoor areas that have climbers logged


Supported climbing grading systems

Climbing Leagues and Competitions

Save Time and Run Efficient and Popular Climbing Leagues

  • Create climbing leagues for teams or individuals
  • Calculate score automatically with MyClimb
  • Customize scoring format and structure
  • Quickly grow your Leagues with in-app promotion and invites
  • Build excitement with league and competition leaderboards
Route Setting Management

Manage Routes in Less than 10 Minutes a Day:

  • Track grade distribution of your current climbs in MyClimb
  • Print customizable climb labels
  • Easily collect grade accuracy and general feedback
  • Understand how your gym is being used
  • Upload and share active routes with climbers
  • Upload Beta / video tutorial for every climbs

Reach your Precise Target Audience:

  • Market your gym directly in the app with our dedicated Gym Location Pages
  • Publish content to climbers in your local area, so that they can state up-to-date with events and activities at your gym
  • Current Climbs Database is viewable by climbers who can log your gym’s climbs, and provide you with feedback on your climbs
  • Find a Climbing Partner feature so that your members can always find a friend to climb with

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Take advantage of our Route Setting Management, Leagues, Competitions, Challenges tools, and more for free! This is a Limited Time Offer and is subject to change.

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Find a Partner Feature

  • Grow your membership by empowering your members to invite their friends to your gym
  • Increase retention by bringing existing members together to make new connections

Gym Awards to Increase Engagement

MyClimb awards members based on their climbing in your gym with over 100 awards for all skill levels, including:

  • Grade Leader Award: for the climber who logs the most climbs at a given grade at your gym
  • Discipline Leader Award: for the climber who logs the most climbs in a certain discipline at your gym

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