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MyClimb is the only platform empowering climbing gym owners to strengthen and build community in their gym. Recruit new members, better engage and retain existing members, and gain valuable insights into your members and their climbing habits.

Take advantage of our Route Setting Management Platform and other tools to help you run your gym.

A Must Have Climbing App

Climbing Magazine

MyClimb helps connect Gemstone to our members, creating discussion about routes from people who otherwise might not feel comfortable in "having a say." It's also a great platform for those itching for data on their growth as climbers.

Gemstone Climbing Center

The MyClimb gym application has been a game changer in the organization and management of my bouldering gym's problem setting. It is extremely intuitive and easy to use which allows me and my setters to log climbs faster and cleaner than our old method. The integrated features for competitions makes for a more unique and professional approach to a local climbing comp. One of the best features is the customizable problem/route climb tags which really enhanced the look of my gym's problems. All in all MyClimb is a breath of fresh air, and helped me bring big gym features into my small gym.

The Cave Indoor Climbing Center

Key Stats

Leading the industry in all categories since being launched
in October, 2014

  • 1 million+

    Number of climbs
    logged in 99 countries
    150% increase over the
    past 12 months

  • 3,000+

    Gyms that have
    a climb logged

  • 4,000+

    Outdoor areas with
    climbs logged

  • 12

    Climbing grading systems from around the world

As of May, 2018


Member Activity Analytics - gain actionable insights to run a more profitable climbing gym:

  • Real time gym activity dashboard
  • View what climbs, grades, and also what areas of the gym are the most popular
  • View feedback and quality ratings for every climb
  • See what kinds of climbers are coming to your gym and how often they climb
  • See how people are engaging with your gym, even when they’re not there

Gym Awards

Increase Engagement through the MyClimb Awards Platform

  • MyClimb automatically calculates and gives out awards to climbers at your gym
  • There are awards for all skill levels, including:
    - Grade Leader Award, given to the climber who logs the most climbs at a given grade at your gym
    - Discipline Leader Award, given to the climber who logs the most climbs in a certain discipline
  • Awards given Monthly and Yearly
  • Over 100 awards for climbers to earn!

In Gym Activity Display

Powerful interactive in gym engagement

Real time gym activity dashboard and climbs visualization

Climbing Competitions

Promote and manage competitions with ease:

  • For Example: Challenge climbers to see who can be the first to complete 100 climbs in the gym this month, or other fun challenges
  • Create custom workouts that climbers can follow and track their progress
  • Create same day challenges or longer term events
  • Set up and manage competitions online
  • Real time competition leader boards and winner selection

Gym Management

Route Setting Management Platform

  • Create Climbs in your gym's Current Climbs Database
  • Current Climbs are viewable by climbers in the app
  • Print auto formatted climb tags or create a custom climb tag format
  • Upload beta / video tutorial for every climb (viewable in the app)
  • View grade accuracy feedback from climbers
  • Reactive Route Setting:
    • See analytics on what climbs, grades and areas of the gym are the most popular
    • Receive feedback and quality ratings for every climb
    • Leave climbs up if they are still popular and take down climbs that people are not enjoying

Find a Partner Feature

Bring members together and increase membership retention:

  • Simple and quick way for members to find climbing partners
  • Interactive calendars
  • Events scheduling

About MyClimb

  • MyClimb is the leading and fastest growing community of climbers.
  • Climbers use MyClimb to share information, track their climbing progress and find people to climb with.

Key Features

  • Log climbs and track progress
  • Find A Partner feature
  • Leader Boards to create fun competition
  • Follow friends and see what they are climbing
  • See what is happening in your favorite gyms and outdoor areas
  • Share information, photos and video
  • Climbers can log climbs in a range of disciplines, both single- and multi-pitch
    • Gym Routes
    • Gym Bouldering
    • Sport Climbing
    • Outdoor Bouldering
    • Traditional climbing
    • Ice Climbing
    • Multi Pitch for relevant disciplines

In App Presence

Direct marketing to your precise target audience:

  • Direct marketing thru Dedicated Gym Location pages
  • Ability to publish content to gym followers
  • Ability for members to follow your gym
  • Cumulative log of all the climbs done at your gym
  • Maintain a current climbs database
    • Climbers can log climbs from the database and view beta / video tutorials for every climb
    • Receive feedback on your Current Climbs
  • Gym Leader Board
  • Find A Climbing Partner feature


  • The MyClimb App is FREE for climbers!
  • $70/month
  • 30 day free trial
  • Automatic payments through PayPal
  • Cancel anytime